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Who The Heck Am I?

OMG hello!! I finally did it, you are reading my first blog post! Well, not my first ever- I've tried this road before & failed miserably. Honestly, it was just pure laziness that my first blog didn't pan out. I like to think of it as the one who got away. I have been thinking about blog #2 pretty much ever since. So, here we are!

In case you're new here, aka all of you, I'm Brittany! I'm a 28 year old wife, mom, stepmom, hairstylist, & shopaholic. (whew!)

I'm married to Zach. He's the funniest, most laid back, man you've ever met. He has been putting up with my nonsense for 7 years now. So, he's practically a saint. We have 3 kiddos. Silas, he's 8 and all boy. This kid is his daddy's twin! Poor thing is outnumbered by our girls, Rory (3) and Indy (5 months.) Rory is a perfect mix of Disney Princess and Marvel super hero, I think Silas played a hand in that second part.. but I really can't blame him. Indy is the sweetest baby you will ever meet, between the rolls and the smiles you just want to eat her up! You'll get to hear all the real life craziness that comes with being a family of 5!

I'm a hairstylist full time. I'm obsessed with my job. It's absolutely my passion, and besides my family, it's what keeps me whole. You can follow along with that journey on Instagram/Facebook @brittanypledgerhair or I love every single one of my guests, who allow me to let my creativity flow daily. They are truly a godsend. I'll definitely be sharing some hair tutorials with y'all!

My parents have always told me that I shop too much. I once was gifted a large amount of money as a graduation gift. It was meant to last me pretty much my whole college life. Well, I blew it my first semester.. on clothes. Guess who got their first job shortly after. I think that only added fuel to my fire though. What can I say, I love clothes. This blog is going to be my way of pretending I have my dream side job (because I would never pick anything over hair) of being a personal stylist. I can go shopping for all of you, and save my bank account some stress.

I want to tell you what to expect from this little blog of mine.. but well, I really don't know. Expect a little fashion, a little family, some home decor when my house is clean (only slightly joking,) hair and makeup tutorials, etc.. of course I'm totally open to requests. We can all have fun here.

If you made it through all of that, you deserve a glass of wine.. or coffee.. what time is it? Make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram, to keep up with all the latest shenanigans.

love ya xx,


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