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We Got a Puppy!

Y’all. We got a puppy! Can you believe it? Me either really.. Zach and I have both been having that feeling that something/someone was missing from our family. I’m just being completely transparent with you when I say that I am not ready for more kids. I mean, there is currently a 3 year old pitching a fit on the couch beside me. Why you ask? Zach made her chicken noodle soup instead of Spaghetti O’s. Really though, I never want to say never, but for now three babes is enough.

We started talking about getting a dog. We went back and forth for a while on if we wanted to rescue an adult dog, find a puppy who could grow up with the kids, or if a dog was even a good fit for our family. Especially me, because let’s face it, mom ends up doing all the cleaning up. I wasn’t sure I wanted a 6th living thing to clean up after.

When we started talking about what breeds we liked, Zach mentioned he would love a dark Husky. We knew we wanted a breed that would be good with our kids, but also fit into our active lifestyle. When the weather is nice we pretty much spend all day outside either hiking or on the water. So, a smaller indoor pup wasn’t going to fit.

Well fast forward a few hours and I’m on Facebook. I decided to watch a few stories (which I never do) and saw a friend of mine was posting about her dog having puppies. Lab/Husky puppies. Pretty much every one of them was dark. I mean, if that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is. She also has little ones, so I knew she wouldn’t have a dog that wasn’t good with kids.

We went the next day and let the kids meet the puppies and decide who was coming home with us.

I don’t think we could have made a better decision.

We decided to name her Cedar. We wanted something to do with nature, since we know she will be spending a lot of time outdoors, & chose Cedar since she’s a red-brown color. She is SO smart, and such a sweet puppy. She’s really playful, but handles the kids picking her up and carrying her around. She really loves Indy, she thinks she’s another puppy and it’s hilarious! She’s done such a great job with potty training so far. I’m super thankful for that one. We even took her on her first hike at 6 weeks. We ended up carrying her most of the way, but she will get the hang of it. Hopefully at least, she’s going to be heavy.

Our family feels complete. Cedar has filled in the gap we were feeling, and we can’t wait to watch our kids grow up with her!

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