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Slow It Down..

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Mom life. It's hard y'all. You're constantly stuck in a place of wanting to simultaneously speed up, and stop time. Wanting your babies to grow up, but wishing they could stay little forever. First you want them to roll over, then walk, then talk, but then you crave the sweet baby snuggles again. I don't know about you, but I look at Rory's baby pictures and want so badly to go back to those moments. Especially the ones that seemed overwhelming at the time. The anxiety I had about being a good mom was, in all honesty, probably making me a bad one. I was so worried about doing this motherhood thing right, I wasn't slowing down to remind myself, "She will never be this little again."

Take this very moment for example: As I'm typing this, Indy is beating on my keyboard. Letters are going everywhere, random things are popping up, and I'm sure you will see some of the aftermath missed in here somewhere. Rory is watching a movie and repeating, "see, see, see," over and over and OVER. I wish they would both go to bed. Not only so I can finish this post, but also so I can pickup the kitchen.. again.. At the same time, as soon as they do, I will miss their little faces and all the noise. Oh the noise. It's so funny to me.. See, I'm an introvert. I NEED alone time to recharge. Thankfully my husband understands that and I can be open and honest about needing time away. 99% of the time, this time leads to a Target trip. It never fails, I'll be walking along enjoying my quiet and my coffee. Then I'll hear it. A baby crying. Instantly the mom guilt kicks in, and the trip is over.

The pressure we put on each other, without even meaning to, is intense. It's so easy to look at social media and get caught up in everything everyone else is doing better than we are. I constantly feel like our house should be cleaner, our weekends should be more eventful, our outfits/hair put together. We should be able to juggle work, family, the gym, other self care, and a healthy social life. It's actually pretty exhausting. One hope for this blog, and really all of my social media, is to show y'all the real side of motherhood. The haven't washed my hair in a week, hot mess, that is my life. I swear I have spent too many days cleaning my house (that no one sees, introvert here) instead of spending time with my kids. I'm realizing more and more that these moments are fleeting, and I guess I can either live with the mess.. or maybe my husband will finally cave and pay someone to clean. Either way, I'll live.

Our kids will never be 8, 4, and 9 months ever again. I want to slow down and enjoy these moments. I challenge all of you to do the same. Let's spend less time wishing for time to speed up, less time comparing ourselves on social media, and more time with the tiny humans who think we can do no wrong.

If you stuck through my ramblings, you're the real MVP.

Love y'all!

Britt XO

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