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Ask and you shall receive. Well, actually I asked.. I asked on Instagram stories what everyone would be interested in reading. Thankfully so many of you sent in ideas. I’m going to continue my series of favorites posts, they were definitely the most requested. Y’all gave me tons of ideas, and I’m so thankful for the feedback!!

Today we’re going to talk about one of my FAVORITE beauty products. MASCARA!

If I had to drop all of my makeup and choose one product to keep and use only that forever, without hesitation it would be a good mascara. I’ve always considered my lashes to be one of my best qualities. So trust me when I say I have tried them all!

Before I get into details on my favorites, let me start with what I look for when I choose my mascaras.

-First, and most importantly, there must be a synthetic fiber applicator. I'll go into my favorite shapes in a second.. but no matter the shape, this is extremely important. Go ahead and throw out all of those crappy silicone tipped wands. I'm convinced whoever created those is the anti-christ.

-Next, choose the fluffiest tip you can find. The synthetic fibers really get in there and coat the lashes, but the bigger fluffier wands really fluff them up.

-Skip the waterproof. Unless you know for sure you're going to be crying or swimming, there is really no need for it. The wear may be a little longer, but its so difficult to get off your lashes at the end of the night you end up losing some lashes in the process. Mascara can't work if you have no lashes to put it on.

- Now for another important secret. Use a lash serum. I swear by Babe Lash. I've been using it almost nightly since February, and I'm not sure what I did without it. Not only are my lashes longer and thicker, but I don't notice them shedding like I did before. If you're scrubbing your face every night (like you should be) this will help you hold onto your existing lashes, but also grow them in the process.

- Layer!! Layer your mascaras for the most dramatic effect! I love using one that I know separates my lashes really well, then applying a second coat with one that makes my lashes really thick and black. Game changer.

Ok, enough of that.. on to the good stuff. My favorite mascaras!!

You may be surprised to hear that my #1 favorite mascara is from the drug store! L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara is my holy grail, ride or die, blah blah blah.. favorite. It makes your lashes so dark, it separates, doesn't flake, and makes your lashes look amazing. Pretty much it does it all. I have nothing negative I can possibly say about this gem. It's super affordable and you need it in your life.

Next up is IT! Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara. This one is pretty much magic. I like to layer this one over any of my other mascaras for a super dramatic look. It never fails, when I do this I get multiple people who ask if I'm wearing falsies. This has some kind of elastic effect that really stretches out your lashes and makes them SUPER long, but also really thick, and by far the blackest out of everything I've tried.

Diorshow (the original) is another favorite. Not to be confused with Dior Show Blackout, which I hate. I'm actually not sure thats a strong enough word.. because I really really did not like it. The original Dior Show is great! Lengthens, thickens, and separates. The only down side of this one is the scent. For some reason big luxury brands like to scent everything. I guess they think it makes them seem more high end? But mascara probably wasn't the brightest idea. I have very sensitive eyes and it doesn't irritate them, but proceed with caution just in case.

Honorable mention goes to: Too Faced Better than Sex, L'Oreal Lash Paradise, Lancome Hypnose Drama

Purchasing through the links in this post may result in me making a small commission, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Mom life. It's hard y'all. You're constantly stuck in a place of wanting to simultaneously speed up, and stop time. Wanting your babies to grow up, but wishing they could stay little forever. First you want them to roll over, then walk, then talk, but then you crave the sweet baby snuggles again. I don't know about you, but I look at Rory's baby pictures and want so badly to go back to those moments. Especially the ones that seemed overwhelming at the time. The anxiety I had about being a good mom was, in all honesty, probably making me a bad one. I was so worried about doing this motherhood thing right, I wasn't slowing down to remind myself, "She will never be this little again."

Take this very moment for example: As I'm typing this, Indy is beating on my keyboard. Letters are going everywhere, random things are popping up, and I'm sure you will see some of the aftermath missed in here somewhere. Rory is watching a movie and repeating, "see, see, see," over and over and OVER. I wish they would both go to bed. Not only so I can finish this post, but also so I can pickup the kitchen.. again.. At the same time, as soon as they do, I will miss their little faces and all the noise. Oh the noise. It's so funny to me.. See, I'm an introvert. I NEED alone time to recharge. Thankfully my husband understands that and I can be open and honest about needing time away. 99% of the time, this time leads to a Target trip. It never fails, I'll be walking along enjoying my quiet and my coffee. Then I'll hear it. A baby crying. Instantly the mom guilt kicks in, and the trip is over.

The pressure we put on each other, without even meaning to, is intense. It's so easy to look at social media and get caught up in everything everyone else is doing better than we are. I constantly feel like our house should be cleaner, our weekends should be more eventful, our outfits/hair put together. We should be able to juggle work, family, the gym, other self care, and a healthy social life. It's actually pretty exhausting. One hope for this blog, and really all of my social media, is to show y'all the real side of motherhood. The haven't washed my hair in a week, hot mess, that is my life. I swear I have spent too many days cleaning my house (that no one sees, introvert here) instead of spending time with my kids. I'm realizing more and more that these moments are fleeting, and I guess I can either live with the mess.. or maybe my husband will finally cave and pay someone to clean. Either way, I'll live.

Our kids will never be 8, 4, and 9 months ever again. I want to slow down and enjoy these moments. I challenge all of you to do the same. Let's spend less time wishing for time to speed up, less time comparing ourselves on social media, and more time with the tiny humans who think we can do no wrong.

If you stuck through my ramblings, you're the real MVP.

Love y'all!

Britt XO

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I mean, why not just get straight to the point.. I have tried A LOT of liquid lipsticks.. like an embarrassing amount. Some have been good, some have been; well, not so good.

I'm very picky about my liquid lipsticks. My lips can't feel dried out. I already have very dry lips, probably from living off coffee tbh, but because of that I can't with lipsticks that dry you out. They can't feel sticky. I'm ok with that sticky feeling on initial application, but once they dry down I don't want my lips sticking together. They don't have to be 100% transfer proof, but I want it to be close. I talk all day every day in the salon, so I can't have lipstick on my teeth. I also find its hard to get liquid lipstick off some of my mugs, so I try to avoid that when possible. Is that it? I think it is. See, I told you, picky.

Now that we have went over my must haves (have nots?) let me tell you about my best fraaans.


Now that I am typing this I realized I forgot my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE in all the photos!!! I can not believe I did that. I'll edit later with new photos, so forgive me. Anyway- my absolute top favorite, ride or die, can't live without is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks. This formula absolutely can't be beat. The colors are amazing, the wear is from when you put it on, to when you remove it at night. Its a tiny bit sticky when you first apply, but it dries down to the most perfect velvety matte. The doe foot applicator on these is the best. The prices is not bad at all, but its very obvious that they are high quality.

My favorite shades are: Mannequin (the perfect nude), Celebrity Skin, Deceased


This may be a drug store product, but the Super Stay Matte Ink by Maybelline gives luxury brands a run for their money. This formula is the perfect balance between matte, but still feeling like there is a little moisture on your lips. It's totally transfer proof, and honestly a little hard to remove. I did notice the other day that they have a remover, so I will add that to my list. Overall though, I love the formula and there are TONS of shades.The applicator is so nice too, its a doe foot, but they call it an "arrow" because the end is pointed. It makes for a very clean application. If you're in the need of an affordable lip color, this is it.

My favorite shades are: Seductress, Amazonian, Loyalist, and Dreamer


I became a Younique presenter to get a discount on this and Epic mascara. The Splash liquid lipstick formula is SO good! It goes on so creamy, it doesn't feel like any liquid lipstick I've ever tried. You can put it on and rub your lips together like a traditional lipstick. Because of that it takes a little longer to dry, but it feels so nice. One of my favorite ways to wear these are to layer them. I like to wear Stellar on my entire lip, with a little pop of Sublime in the center. The creamy consistency blends so well!

My favorite shades are: Sublime, Stellar, and Subtle (The perfect pinky mauvey nude)


This one snuck up on me. I was on Instagram one day watching stories, and saw this color on a friend of mine. You know, one of the few people you follow that you actually know in real life. So, I immediately messaged her to find out what it was. I have only tried two shades in this formula, but I have loved both. The formula is a little different from all the others I've tried. It dries down to the normal (not sticky) matte, but I swear it has to have silicone in the formula somewhere. I guess I could look at the ingredients and actually find out, but it feels like silky smooth when it goes on. This one is also pretty transfer proof. It does wear off throughout the day though, unlike the others.. but for $7 I can reapply.

My favorite shades are: Cashmere Silk and Baby Doll


This is the lip color I'm wearing in the photo. I will admit that I don't love the formula of this one, but I LOVE the color! I wear the shade Cool Girl. It is the perfect brown-nude. I really don't have much to say about this one other than great color and long lasting!

I hope this helps you navigate liquid lipstick world, and maybe find a new favorite! I would love to do more posts like this one, let me know what products you would like to hear about!



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